November 18, 2010

“Developing a Mutual Aid Agreement for Public Works Agencies”

This month’s Small Cities/Rural Communities Town Hall Audio call will delve into the issue of just how to develop a Mutual Aid Agreement between public works agencies. Regardless of your size, every agency has times when they cannot handle an issue or a situation without help. Being prepared with an Agreement that spells out what your agency will do, what you will be asking of another agency, and how you will handle the issues of funding, equipment, manpower, and responsibility are crucial in writing such a plan.

The speakers for today’s session are well versed in this topic, having been involved in developing their own Mutual Aid Agreements.

Brian Usher, Public Works Director, Largo, FL has served as the Chair and a Member of the APWA Emergency Management Committee. He has presented at national meetings and represented APWA on numerous emergency management-related task forces and working groups at the federal level.

Bruce Slagoski, Operations Superintendent, Beloit, WI has also been active in this area and has worked to develop all the aspects needed to have a cohesive and responsive plan.

Don’t wait until you NEED the information! Join the call and be prepared.

The call will begin at 9:00 a.m. Pacific/10 Mountain/11 Central/12 Noon Eastern time and will run for one hour.

Speakers for this call will include:
  • Brian Usher, Public Works Director, Largo, FL
  • Bruce Slagoski, Operations Superintendent, Beloit, WI

If your agency needs this information, have everyone available join in listening to the session, either from their own office or as a group in a meeting space.

Please submit your questions to Questions can be sent before and during the call.

The call is FREE to anyone in public works. Dial-in information is follows:

Dial in to: 1-866-953-9689
Participant Passcode: 862633# (Be certain to hit the pound key)

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