"When Is it Time to Move On"

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and wished you didnít have to go the work? Ever wish the Boss would wake up a happy guy or gal one morning and everyone would get along better?

One piece of advice for those in the work place has always been: if you wake up wishing the job would change; YOU should probably change jobs. Jobs donít change.

The On-Line Mentoring call scheduled for June 26th will cover this very topic. Four speakers will share their thoughts and experiences concerning how they determine whether they should change their attitude or employment and things to consider before making that decision.

Presenters this month will include:
  • Dwayne Kalynchuk, General Manager, Environmental Services Capital Regional District, Victoria, British Columbia
  • George Haines, Director of Operations, Peregrine Leadership Institute, Gillette, Wyoming
  • Scott Brandmeier, Director of Public Works, Village of Fox Point, Wisconsin
  • Jason Yarborough, Director of Utilities, Palm Bay, Florida

The call is Free and is scheduled from 1:00 Ė 2:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time. This is an audio call and can be taken from your desk or from a speaker phone in your conference room with staff members sharing the call and then discussing the topic afterwards. The call is also available to download to an MP3 player within 48 hours.

Please join the call and share your questions by sending them via email during the call to the email address provided on the website and preceding the call.

Dial-in information:

Participant Passcode: *595-5223*