January 28, 2010

"Supervision Techniques to Solve Common Problems"
Call begins at 11:00 a.m. Pacific/12 Noon Mountain/1:00 Central Daylight/2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

The length of the call is approximately 90 minutes.

Are you new to the Supervisory ranks? Having issues with supervising employees due to re-organizing or re-structuring of your department? Just frustrated with your "problem" employee?

The January on-line mentoring call will offer ideas to help you work through these issues. Rest assured, other supervisors are experiencing similar problems. Today’s panelists will offer suggestions on various techniques for solving problems that are common to most departments and employees.

  • Jeanne Nyquist, President, Nyquist Associates, Portland, OR
  • Bill Pugh, Public Works Director, Sumner, WA
  • Jerry Way, Director of Transportation, Sacramento, CA
  • Tammy Donohue, Public Works Human Resource Manager, Eugene, OR
  • John Newton, Division Director, TMD, Hillsborough County, FL

During the call if you would like to submit questions to the speakers you may send them to mentoring@apwa.net. All questions will be addressed at the end of the call.

The call is Free. This is an audio call and can be taken from your desk or from a speaker phone in your conference room with staff members sharing the call and then discussing the topic afterwards. The call is also available to download to an MP3 player within 48 hours.

Dial-in information:

Participant Passcode: 862633#

MP3 Download

Right-Click Here and save the mp3 file. Warning! this file is 38 megs in size.