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Public Works: Moving Life Forward

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to National Public Works Week 2007! We are now in our 47th year of celebrating the hard work and dedication of the many public works professionals throughout North America. We are very excited that your organization is participating in this very important event and want to encourage you to involve your entire community in this important celebration.

To help you get your celebration off and running, we have created this web based "How-To" guide. In this guide you will find a wealth of information to develop activities for your organizations celebration. The material in this guide can easily be customized to meet the needs of your organization and its impact upon your unique community. Using the outline and accompanying materials, you are ready to coordinate a positive promotional campaign.

During National Public Works Week, we encourage you to publicize the importance of public works to your community, the effort that they place on your community for a better quality of life, and the benefits that they provide to each citizen. We also encourage you to reach out to the policy makers in your area to communicate how your local efforts are affected by other jurisdictions.

APWA is developing an exciting outreach program in Washington D.C. for Members of Congress and their staffs.

In addition, you can visit our website at to see what others are doing for their celebrations. There are many great examples that agencies across the North America have shared and are available to you to view.

We wish you great success with your National Public Works Week Celebration this May and be sure to logon and share your experiences with us so others may benefit next year.


William Verkest

William Verkest, President, APWA
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