If you are presenting in multiple sessions, please submit a separate Permission to Record Form for each session.

American Public Works Association

2016 PWX

Permission to Record Form
Submit Online by June 1, 2016

All speakers must complete this form and submit it online whether your answer is "yes" or "no".
Just check the appropriate box and complete the contact and session information.

APWA, in partnership with Digitell, Inc., plans to produce an online library subscription product that includes live audio recordings and PowerPoint slides and/or handout materials of the education sessions at the 2016 PWX. APWA requests permission to audio record your presentation(s) and include the recording and slides in the Online Library. The handout materials, whether submitted in Word, PowerPoint, or other digital format, will be converted to PDF and be 128 bit protected.**

Note: Access to the entire 2016 PWX Online Library will be available to all full-event registrants (Sunday-Wednesday; member and non-member) as part of their registration fee at no extra charge. This includes all PWX speakers who register for the full event. After the first year, access to the 2016 PWX Online Library will be available to all APWA Members.

Whether you are able to register and attend the full event or not, all speakers will have free access to an online downloadable recording of their particular education session. Please consider this opportunity to obtain a free copy of your own session recording as you determine to give APWA permission to record your presentation.

If you have included clip art in your handouts, please indicate below the source of your clip art. (e.g., software product, a clip art web site, you developed the clip art yourself, etc.)

You must submit this form online by filling in the blanks below and clicking the submit button. If you have questions about this request, please contact our office at speakerinfo@apwa.net.

**Submitting this form online is your electronic signature that gives APWA and Digitell, Inc. permission to include your presentation on the 2016 PWX Online Library.

I agree to have my presentation recorded and packaged along with my handout materials for distribution in the manner described above. I will submit my handout materials in digital format to APWA. I understand that this release form applies to materials delivered at this conference and that this release in no way prohibits me from using my own material in any manner I so desire.

I do not agree to have my presentation taped.


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Clip Art Source (Please be specific - name of software or clip art website, etc.)